What Is An Active Life Plan Community?

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing You Have Put a Plan in Place


A Life Plan Community such as The Village includes independent living Apartment-Homes, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation all on one campus.
The Village Life Plan Community provides the security of a safety net by offering three levels of living and a Guarantee of Services and Care for Life so you can live life to the fullest. If you run out of savings, our Guarantee of Services and Care for Life protects you, and, as a resident of The Village, you will not be asked to leave in the event that you deplete your assets through no fault of your own.


Live life to the fullest with the peace of mind that you have a plan in place for your future. Our Guarantee of Services and Care for Life ensures that, should you run out of savings, you will be able to remain living at The Village. Your expenses stay predictable and manageable, regardless of life changes.


  • Guarantee of Services and Support for Life: We all are at risk of outliving our savings or having an expensive illness that drains our savings. Should you run out of money through no fault of your own, you will not have to move out.
  • Healthcare savings: 10 free days of short-term skilled nursing care and 25% reduction for assisted living, extended care, and long-term skilled nursing rates
  • All Life Plan Communities have an entrance deposit and Monthly Service Fees. Because we are a debt-free community, we pass the savings on to our resident with consistently lower Monthly Services Fees than other Life Plan Communities and Rental Communities.
The Village has a one-time investment called an entrance deposit. Many people use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their home to pay for the affordable entrance deposit. Tax advantages: Deduct portions of your entrance deposit and monthly fee from your move to The Village from your federal income taxes. Current IRS rules consider portions of these fees to be prepayments for medical expenses. Consult with your tax advisor. 90-day satisfaction guarantee: At The Village, the entrance deposit is 100% refundable to you or your estate during the first 90 days. Returnable options: Choose from 3 different returnable options for a portion of the entrance deposit to return to you or your estate. Select your returnable choices to suit you.


Enjoy wellness at every stage of life. Should your needs change due to injury, illness, or any unexpected healthcare need, you have security knowing that our Comprehensive Coordinated Health Services are here to make your life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You will have a supportive team of professionals who will work with you to meet your needs and goals. You may easily add services. Friends are always close by and so are our trusted and experienced staff.
Our Director of Resident Services is a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She and her staff are very experienced and skilled advocates who coordinate your care and help ensure you have the services you deserve to maximize your independence. If you suddenly need to go to the hospital, we will visit you, follow up with your doctor and discharge planner, and coordinate the care and services you need when you return home.

Throughout the process, we communicate closely with you and your family. When you return home to The Village, you have many options to assist in your recovery such as:
  • Skilled Nursing with 24-hour nursing care
  • Assisted Living with 24-hour assistance
  • Caregiver Services provided in your Apartment-Home by our trained, screened and supervised caregiver staff

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